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Valles Caldera

Winners/Claiming Prizes

In what state was the jackpot-winning ticket sold?

Information about the latest Powerball jackpot winners is available on the Powerball website. Information about the latest Powerball jackpot winners in New Mexico can be found on our How to Play Powerball page.

Information about the latest Mega Millions jackpot winners is available on the Mega Millions website. Information about the latest Mega Millions winners in New Mexico can be found on our How to Play Mega Millions page.

In what city or store was a winning ticket sold?

As a matter of policy, the New Mexico Lottery does not disclose the city or name of store that sold a winning ticket until the player has had an opportunity to come forward to claim the prize. We believe this promotes greater player and store security and it encourages all players to check their tickets for prizes. Once a prize has been claimed, the information is posted to our website.

How do I claim a Lottery prize?

Click here to learn how to claim a Lottery prize.

How long do I have to claim a prize?

All New Mexico Lottery prizes must be claimed within 90 days from the date of the drawing or of the announced end date of a Scratcher game or the first business day after the 90th day if the Lottery is not open for business.

Prizes in promotions may have shorter deadlines. Those deadlines will be described in the rules written for specific promotions. Promotion rules will be posted at nmlottery.com.

Can I remain anonymous if I win?

The New Mexico Lottery is a government instrumentality and falls under the Inspection of Public Records Act. The law requires public access to virtually all public records including records about Lottery prize winners. According to a policy adopted by the New Mexico Lottery's Board of Directors, the Lottery will release a winner's name, their city of residence and prize amount when requested. Knowing who is winning Lottery prizes promotes the public's confidence in the Lottery as a fair and honest enterprise.

Can my heirs inherit the annuity payments from a jackpot?

A Lottery prize is like any other asset. Per the New Mexico Lottery Act, prizes may be paid to a deceased winner's estate or to a person designated by judicial order. In the event of the death of a Lottery winner during the annuity payment period for the Powerball, Mega Millions or Lotto America game, the remaining annuity payments may be paid each year to the estate. Or, upon the petition of the estate to the New Mexico Lottery, with the approval of the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL), the Lottery may accelerate the payment of all the remaining Lottery proceeds to the Estate. If such a determination is made, the cash value of the securities and/or cash held to fund the deceased Lottery winner's annuitized prize may be distributed to the estate.

Is anyone from my town winning Lottery prizes?

Players across the state win prizes every day. Click here to see some of the recent big winners.

Do you know where the winning Scratcher tickets are?

No. Winning tickets are distributed randomly throughout a game's packs of tickets. The packs of tickets are sealed before they are delivered to the Lottery. The still-sealed packs of tickets are distributed randomly to the retailers as the game is ordered. You never know where the winning tickets are or who will win. That's what makes playing the Lottery so much fun!

How much will I pay in taxes if I win big?

The New Mexico Lottery is required by law to report any prize in excess of $600 and to withhold state taxes at the current rate of 6% and federal taxes at the rate of 24% from any prize in excess of $5,000.

Is the estimated cash option amount after taxes?

Both the advertised annuitized jackpot and the estimated cash option for Powerball, Mega Millions and Lotto America are pre-tax amounts. As of January 2020, the current federal tax rate is 24% and the current NM tax rate is 6%.

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