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Valles Caldera


How can I spot a Lottery scam?

No legitimate lottery knows the identity of a winner until the player presents a ticket for verification. Therefore, Lottery winners are not notified by email, letter or telephone call except in instances when a player completed an entry form for a New Mexico Lottery second-chance drawing or other New Mexico Lottery promotion. The criminals behind email, letters or telephone calls identifying you as a Lottery winner are trying to obtain personal information from you to engage in identity theft or to collect bogus fees for processing the so-called prize. No legitimate lottery charges winners a fee when claiming a prize. Please do not respond to these fraudulent emails, letters or telephone calls or provide any personal information. If you feel you have been a victim of a Lottery scam, call the New Mexico Attorney General's Office at 1-800-678-1508. Click here for more information on lottery scams.

Scam brochures are available in Lottery displays at most New Mexico Lottery retailers.

What if I'm approached on the street and asked to buy a Lottery ticket?

Under no circumstances should an individual purchase a Lottery ticket of any kind from anyone on the street. No one should ever have to pay someone for a legitimate, winning Lottery ticket. Any winning Lottery ticket exceeding $600, instant (scratcher) or online, needs to be brought to Lottery headquarters for verification.

Click here for more Information on Lottery Related Scams.

Additionally, Scam brochures are available in Lottery displays at most New Mexico Lottery retailers.

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